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Alex, 20. Female. NEXT

I’ve been having a pretty bad last two days. Feelings of inadequacy and stress piled up and I just gotten down.

Tory, my perfect love, comes back from her all day training with a bunch of flowers that she just picked and points to the only one of its kind in the bouquet:

"This one’s you" she smiles.
“Because it’s the only one of its kind.”

Que sobbing.

Sometimes, you need to get lost in nature to find yourself.

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and usually life takes more than it gives, but not today. today it’s given us something. it’s given us a chance. to do what? to give a shit. for once. and not run away.


And for that we (give) credit to our star, Tatiana. For where we gave her our raw, brutal ode to a product of grotesque abuse, she replied with possibility. We all remember the day, as we developed this chapter, that Tat suggested Helena be motivated not by hate, but by love. And that changed everything, and everyone – even Sarah.

Because a monster who wants to destroy you is hardly unusual. But a monster who sees in you and you alone something they recognize, and want to embrace… Well, that’s a whole new level of terrifying.

---The Hive Recap on Helena (x)

just left a passive aggressive note on the fridge in the suite since one of my suitemate’s just thinks that everything is up for grabs.

I chose “chiller” as my font.

Autumn in New York City.

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There’s a butterfly in my hand.

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Thanks for my cookies and creme cannibal cake, friends ❤️

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Woke up to find this on the pillow next to me :))



when you are really passionate about something,

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my birthday is in 5 minutes!!! EEEEEE!!!!

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Check out that moon! What a way to end my 20th year: a bonfire with friends and a dip in the ocean.

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People say “Oh, you must really feel like you can, you know, do some surgery now.” No. - Chandra Wilson

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